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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,20| persons who kneel in church on Sunday and on the days of Pentecost, 2 1”,20| Christians bow their knee even on Sunday and on the days from Easter 3 1”,20| is not to bow the knee on Sunday and throughout Pentecost — 4 7”,51| exception of Saturday and Sunday and the days of the holy 5 7”,51| but only on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, c. LI of the 6 7”,54| Clergyman be found fasting on Sunday, or on Saturday, with the 7 7”,55| fasting on Saturday and Sunday, and not understanding it 8 7”,65| resurrected Christ our God to New Sunday in psalms and hymns, and 9 7”,88| Saturday — of the coming Great Sunday they must cease fasting,[ 10 7”,88| part of the night until Sunday dawned. Hence, from the 11 7”,88| speaking, at the dawning of Sunday. See also the Interpretation 12 7”,89| evening of the following Sunday, when, after the entrance 13 7”,89| which is counted as that of Sunday) we commence the festival, 14 7”,89| until the light of day of Sunday, when we end it, in order 15 8”,23| sacks, to wit, on Easter Sunday, on the day of Pentecost, 16 8”,23| celebrated Easter not on Sunday, but on whatever day the 17 8”,23| Comnenus, used to teach every Sunday. That is why his teachings 18 8”,23| Christians. For he says that on Sunday Christians from all parts 19 8”,23| presanctified from Saturday and Sunday, in order to strengthen 20 8”,23| likewise, on Saturday and Sunday we allow a breaking of the 21 8”,23| to fast on Saturday and Sunday with complete abstinence 22 8”,23| to commune, especially on Sunday, the richer ones used to 23 8”,23| this reason too that on Sunday we are wont to say that 24 8”,23| part of the vespers of the Sunday of Orthodoxy it is asserted 25 8”,23| in his c. XCI, said that Sunday is a picture of the future

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