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hypocritical 3
hypocritically 1
hypostases 3
hypostasis 25
hypostatic 1
hypostatical 2
hypotheses 1
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25 formerly
25 fornication
25 hundred
25 hypostasis
25 learn
25 mean
25 oaths

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | maintain that He is of another hypostasis or another substance [than 2 6 | in brief, that “in the hypostasis of the God-man Logos each 3 8 | adoration to the substance (or hypostasis) of the one therein painted.[ 4 8”,23| divinity, but by denying the hypostasis of the Son and of the Spirit, 5 8”,23| being one which respects the hypostasis, yet in such a way as to 6 8”,23| being one which respects the hypostasisdenotes the fact that the 7 8”,23| contrary, with respect to hypostasis, and in the hypostasis of 8 8”,23| to hypostasis, and in the hypostasis of the God Logos. That is 9 8”,23| is why there is but one hypostasis of Christ composed of the 10 8”,23| the one Christ divides the hypostasis (or, otherwise speaking, 11 8”,23| that the word substance or (hypostasis) is also defined to denote 12 8”,23| the union a substantive (hypostasis or substantial) union, on 13 8”,23| Fathers.” Nor the idea that a hypostasis substantive union is superfluous, 14 8”,23| he says: “Being a single hypostasis with two natures, the Divine 15 8”,23| account of the oneness of the hypostasis.” (Taken from the Libellus 16 8”,23| to and in respect of its hypostasis from the cause of it, i.e., 17 8”,23| respect to and in respect of hypostasis, or, more explicitly speaking, 18 8”,23| point of imitation of the hypostasis, it is one with the original ( 19 8”,23| i.e., it is of the same hypostasis as the original). For the 20 8”,23| as the original). For the hypostasis of the picture (or icon) 21 8”,23| the fact that it is the hypostasis, and not the nature, that 22 8”,23| name of the nature of the hypostasis, or, for instance, such 23 8”,23| simply, but the name of the hypostasis, or, for instance, words 24 8”,23| that is to say, of the hypostasis, and with respect to the 25 8”,23| of the likeness of their hypostasis, and by reason of the name

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