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enough 29
enquiries 1
enroll 1
enrolled 25
enrolling 1
enrollment 1
ensarcosis 1
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25 collection
25 composed
25 deaconess
25 enrolled
25 evil
25 expression
25 formerly

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,14| thus called after being enrolled in the list of persons to 2 4”,7 | those who have once been enrolled in the Clergy or who have 3 4”,10| permissible for a clergyman to be enrolled at the same time in the 4 7”,7 | the list in which he is enrolled, in the church to which 5 7”,11| 11.~ Let no one enrolled in the sacerdotal list, 6 7”,17| Bishop have had themselves enrolled in the others’ churches, 7 7”,17| of his own Bishop, to be enrolled in a different church. For, 8 7”,22| If, however, any person enrolled in the Clergy should be 9 7”,23| 24.~ Let none of those enrolled in the sacerdotal list, 10 7”,26| the use of those who are enrolled in the Clergy. If anyone 11 7”,32| the sacred Canons to be enrolled in the clergy, they shall 12 7”,39| makes it a law for her to be enrolled in the battalion of Virgins, 13 7”,41| installed in a Monastery and be enrolled with their brethren there. 14 7”,45| the ascetic life and are enrolled in a convent, in general 15 8”,5 | intended to get themselves enrolled in the clergy of a certain 16 8”,5 | virtuous conduct in life, were enrolled in the clergy without giving 17 8”,5 | later but to get themselves enrolled in the parish of a certain 18 8”,15| say, that the clergyman so enrolled may gain the emoluments 19 8”,21| she must not be held to be enrolled in the brotherhood or sisterhood 20 8”,23| the battalion of widows enrolled in the church. Read also 21 8”,23| was even admitted to be enrolled in the clergy after becoming 22 8”,23| fact that she used to be enrolled in the Widowed Battalion 23 8”,23| say, this widow used to be enrolled in the Widowed Battalion, 24 8”,23| battalion of widows were enrolled after so many years, i.e., 25 8”,23| after the time they were enrolled in the list of those being

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