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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | interesting in that they show how their authors understood 2 Intro | consideration. Certain ones in fact show signs of being based on 3 1”,10| revealed themselves, so as to show in what manner they have 4 1”,11| nevertheless to the Council to show them mercy. So, as many 5 1”,12| prelate is permitted to show them still more kindly treatment 6 3”,8 | form and law, undertook to show authority over that same 7 7”,29| for one thing, in order to show, by this abstention from 8 7”,32| person has something to show in the way of a priestly 9 7”,44| and precious stones, and show themselves off before those 10 7”,44| she is being tonsured and show thereby that contrition 11 7”,59| and making a theatrical show of themselves. Hence the 12 7”,61| they provoke laughter by a show of ignorance or of vanity, 13 7”,64| same offense. Wishing to show that if such Greek customs 14 8”,23| run of men, without any show of virtue, is not without 15 8”,23| account of the interest they show in the poor by distributing 16 8”,23| because these tears of his show that he loves sinners as 17 8”,23| correction of the soul. So show me this, whether the sinners 18 8”,23| in repentance), let them show a written repentance, and 19 8”,23| ones.” But what is there to show that he did not blaspheme 20 8”,23| account of the leniency they show), have nevertheless been 21 8”,23| he prepared specially to show how improper it is for anyone 22 8”,23| there be found any greater show of ignorance and absurd 23 8”,23| chastise those who take oaths, show me where He says this, and 24 8”,23| simply because it serves to show how ineptly the Scriptures

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