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pitharia 1
pity 1
place 108
placed 24
places 28
placing 2
plague 3
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24 occasion
24 party
24 penalty
24 placed
24 precisely
24 records
24 regards

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | weightiness of the sources. He placed the Canons of the Holy Apostles 2 1 | the emperor Constantine placed at the disposal of the bishops 3 1”,3 | for women, which has been placed in men’s bodies, in defiance, 4 2”,6 | innocent of the charges placed against them. If, however, 5 7”,63| a general, when you are placed in the ranks of (ordinary) 6 7”,63| Church, in the order in which placed each of them. Hence in interpreting 7 8 | other suitable material, be placed in the holy churches of 8 8”,23| according to the interpretation placed upon it by St. Ambrose. 9 8”,23| spits out that which is placed in his mouth; if, I say, 10 8”,23| of the Third Ec. C. which placed under anathema any addition 11 8”,23| Apostles Peter and Paul, and placed under an anathema those 12 8”,23| that after composing it he placed it upon the tomb of the 13 8”,23| together with her things, is placed in a monastery and is securely 14 8”,23| Synod, held in Ephesus, placed the Bishop of Constantinople 15 8”,23| and the tongs are to be placed in vinegar, and the vinegar 16 8”,23| for blood and water to be placed in the holy chalice; and 17 8”,23| and be thus reserved or placed aside in the crucible, or 18 8”,23| for instance, Dioscorus placed the Bishop of Constantinople 19 8”,23| but at a credence table placed beside it and having an 20 8”,23| adjure you not to let me be placed in a house of God, or underneath 21 8”,23| class with these images are placed also the images which are 22 8”,23| relics of martyrs ought to be placed, not upon the floor, but 23 8”,23| upon the latter is then placed the Holy Table. Four things 24 8”,23| not restricted, but are placed upon those Tables which

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