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obviated 1
obvious 17
obviously 7
occasion 24
occasional 1
occidental 1
occult 1
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24 my
24 neocaesarea
24 notwithstanding
24 occasion
24 party
24 penalty
24 placed

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | principle is decreed on the occasion of a strictly limited decision. 2 1 | Asia Minor, in 325 on the occasion of the heresy of Arius ( 3 1”,7 | a council, and on every occasion is numbered with the patriarchs, 4 7”,36| ordained, and owing to the occasion and fear of barbarians have 5 7”,64| lit by some persons on the occasion of the New Moon in front 6 7”,73| love and union), on the occasion of the Lord’s suppers, or, 7 7”,81| lamb slaughtered on the occasion of the Passover (or Easter), 8 7”,86| her husband: but no other occasion is a good reason except 9 7”,87| in the Temple on such an occasion not for the sake of the 10 8”,19| monastery in consequence of any occasion (such as we shall mention 11 8”,23| as we have said, he gave occasion to this Council to formulate 12 8”,23| Nestorius, took the opportune occasion to compose a creed of his 13 8”,23| wear it, as we shall have occasion to state in connection with 14 8”,23| Christmas festival, on the occasion of the feast of the Holy 15 8”,23| breaking the fast on the occasion of Great Thursday came to 16 8”,23| to the baptism on every occasion and in order that the name 17 8”,23| contrary, and afford the Latins occasion to accuse us of corrupting 18 8”,23| may not be furnished an occasion to prevent the priest from 19 8”,23| for all and on a single occasion, they are proving more plainly 20 8”,23| only so, but also on the occasion of every illness and need. 21 8”,23| depict the Theotoke on the occasion of the feast of Christmas, 22 8”,23| red at Eastertide on the occasion of the Resurrection then 23 8”,23| ceremony of prayers said on the occasion of the consecration, and 24 8”,23| sufficient alone on the occasion of the dedication of a temple

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