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especial 4
especially 84
espen 2
essence 24
essential 6
essentiality 1
essentially 2
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24 cut
24 deemed
24 definitions
24 essence
24 fear
24 forty
24 hereafter

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 3 | motherless with respect to essence, and fatherless with respect 2 4 | at the same time of like essence with the Father as respecting 3 4 | respecting divinity, and of like essence the same with us as respecting 4 7”,1 | thearchic nature are of the same essence, without allowing this important 5 7”,1 | other words, of the same essence and nature), and by the 6 8”,2 | Areopagite[267] declares, the essence and structure of the ecclesiastical 7 8”,23| draw a distinction of the essence, rank, and honor belonging 8 8”,23| Son, being as It is of the essence of God, not a Son, but being 9 8”,23| not a Son, but being in essence a God, as being of that 10 8”,23| being of that very same essence that God the Father is of, 11 8”,23| whom It really derives Its essence.” That it was only in regard 12 8”,23| to the Son in respect of essence” (which is the same as to 13 8”,23| say that It is of the same essence, or co-essential. Accordingly, 14 8”,23| co-essential, or of the same essence.” So that inasmuch as Nestorius 15 8”,23| kind and the difference in essence of the two conjoined natures, 16 8”,23| compositive itself in point of essence and substance in the sense 17 8”,23| is also defined to denote essence, and nature together with 18 8”,23| Lord was not of the same essence, or co-essential, with the 19 8”,23| is of the like (or same) essence with the Father as respecting 20 8”,23| and of like (or the same) essence with us as respecting humanity. 21 8”,23| wont to assert a common essence and nature, individualized 22 8”,23| of ectoplasm, or an airy essence. The said John, on the other 23 8”,23| to and in respect of its essence differs from the original, 24 8”,23| respect to and in respect of essence, but with respect to and

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