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deed 3
deeds 6
deem 5
deemed 24
deeming 6
deems 6
deep 1
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24 celebrated
24 confess
24 cut
24 deemed
24 definitions
24 essence
24 fear

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| tyranny of Licinius, it has deemed fit to the Council, notwithstanding 2 1”,17| holy and great Council has deemed it just and right that in 3 1”,17| this holy and great Council deemed it right and just that if 4 3”,4 | Celestius, the holy Council has deemed it just and right that these 5 3”,4 | saying that it has been deemed but just by the holy Council 6 3”,5 | in all matters, we have deemed it right and just that they 7 3”,8 | for a long time, we have deemed just and have decreed without 8 4”,8 | prescribed by the Canons, and deemed reasonable by this same 9 4”,20| which they were originally deemed worthy to conduct divine 10 7”,44| nunneries) the women about to be deemed worthy of that sacred habit, 11 7”,44| because of her having been deemed worthy of the angelic habit, 12 7”,51| commemorations of saints, is deemed by the majority of people 13 7”,58| those who are going to be deemed worthy of the intemerate 14 7”,71| who, let the marriage be deemed void, and let the lawless 15 7”,86| the faithful, and thus be deemed worthy to partake of the 16 7”,97| is still alive, shall be deemed liable to the penalty provided 17 8”,16| joined it not only have deemed iconic representations in 18 8”,23| constant fornication it was deemed a great thing for a husband 19 8”,23| divine words, and the one deemed worthy of the honor of the 20 8”,23| as they have by God been deemed worthy to wear (except for 21 8”,23| what has been dedicated is deemed worthy of the appellation 22 8”,23| heavenly altar! nor may he be deemed worthy to visit a temple 23 8”,23| be becoming to women, but deemed it to be out of harmony 24 8”,23| them incorrect, but we have deemed it superfluous, since two

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