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binius 2
biography 3
birds 3
birth 24
birthday 4
birthdays 1
birthplace 1
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24 16
24 abstain
24 besides
24 birth
24 celebrated
24 confess
24 cut

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 3 | meaning “she who has given birth to God or to a God,” and 2 3 | and properly speaking gave birth in the flesh to God.[73] 3 7”,1 | Ever-Virgin who seedlessly gave birth to Him, holding her to have 4 7”,1 | English, “a woman who gives birth to God or to a god”), and 5 7”,78| Virgin, at any rate, who gave birth to the Logos in the flesh 6 7”,78| spatially bounded and whose birth was beyond the mind and 7 7”,78| of other women who gave birth to children in a natural 8 7”,78| to the common and humble birth of us human beings cannot 9 7”,78| man’s mind and reason gave birth in the flesh to the God 10 7”,78| which consists in giving birth to an infant with the accompanying 11 8”,23| not for the sake of giving birth to children (since they 12 8”,23| inconveniences of giving birth to children, and bringing 13 8”,23| Mary, that thou gavest birth to a human being.” Thereupon, 14 8”,23| of the fact that she gave birth to a God), St. Cyril wanted 15 8”,23| in his discourse on the birth of Christ, says: “The Theotoke 16 8”,23| mythologically asserted to have given birth to their inexistent pseudo 17 8”,23| Theotoke as having truly given birth to God, the accent being 18 8”,23| God Logos which was given birth out of Her and which assumed 19 8”,23| Jerusalem) before giving birth, and in giving birth, and 20 8”,23| giving birth, and in giving birth, and after giving birth: 21 8”,23| birth, and after giving birth: which is the same as saying 22 8”,23| Frequenting theaters has given birth to fornication, licentiousness, 23 8”,23| Puerperium of the Woman who gave birth to God in the flesh) to 24 8”,23| point with this Council, the birth of Christ alone occurred

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