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Alphabetical    [«  »]
absolves 1
absolving 1
absorbing 1
abstain 24
abstained 1
abstaining 4
abstains 2
Frequency    [«  »]
25 truly
25 virginity
24 16
24 abstain
24 besides
24 birth
24 celebrated

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,13| Deacon, or Subdeacon — to abstain from intercourse and association 2 7”,13| orders must temperately abstain from their wives in time 3 7”,19| for fear of these they abstain from vices and bring about 4 7”,29| agreement with their spouses to abstain from intercourse with each 5 7”,29| agree with their wives and abstain from carnal intercourse, 6 7”,55| shall carry out fasting, and abstain, precisely as from every 7 7”,55| produce from which we have to abstain. As for those who fail to 8 7”,55| sacrified, so must it also abstain from cheese and eggs, which 9 7”,60| Christians shall be compelled to abstain from the Mysteries for six 10 7”,66| Scripture has commanded us to “abstain from blood, and strangled 11 7”,66| commanded Christians to abstain from blood, from strangled 12 7”,86| Great, in his c. LXXVII) to abstain from Communion for seven 13 7”,93| by the same St. Basil to abstain from Communion for ten years. 14 7”,93| or to sentence himself to abstain for such a length of time 15 8”,8 | ordering them persuasively to abstain from Jewish superstitions. 16 8”,23| repent, if they fail to abstain beforehand from holy orders.” 17 8”,23| dissolved, and that men should abstain from foods on account of 18 8”,23| words, a definite promise to abstain from their wives (with the 19 8”,23| principle that bishops must abstain from their wives and not 20 8”,23| deacons should be obliged to abstain from their wives too, in 21 8”,23| those in holy orders to abstain permanently from their wives 22 8”,23| henceforth she shall be able to abstain from it: for these two hypotheses 23 8”,23| Therefore we must also abstain from the eggs of fishes, 24 8”,23| sensible thing for one to abstain from the baths, and especially

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