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technical 1
teeming 1
teeth 1
tell 23
telling 5
tells 4
temerity 1
Frequency    [«  »]
23 shameful
23 stay
23 substance
23 tell
23 whatsoever
22 appointed
22 asked

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| the priests for sinners to tell about their sins with the 2 7”,7 | both you and him comes, he tell you bluntly, ‘Give this 3 7”,7 | For he himself used to tell them such a parable as this 4 7”,7 | him and you come round and tell you unceremoniously, “Give 5 7”,60| more simple-minded, and who tell the fortune, and fate, and 6 7”,60| persons; and also those who tell fortunes of men and what 7 8”,23| Antiocheia is an Apostolic one, tell them that so is Cyprus Apostolic 8 8”,23| the following: “For do not tell me that the presbyter sinned, 9 8”,23| Canons, we are determined to tell whatever is pleasing and 10 8”,23| spiritual fathers ought to tell those in holy orders who 11 8”,23| prudence. And if we care to tell the truth, with the advancing 12 8”,23| who is asked to admit them tell them to remain in peaceful 13 8”,23| words from their belly and tell Satanic myths and divinations. 14 8”,23| voice which told him to tell the bishop and the laity 15 8”,23| and said to him: “Go and tell the Bishop to throw that 16 8”,23| statues): “Well, then (you tell me), what is one to do when 17 8”,23| and true oaths. But, you tell me, such or such a person, 18 8”,23| if you want to, you may tell me that St. Peter or St. 19 8”,23| I commanded,’ He will tell the person in the day of 20 8”,23| God to recognize them and tell whether they are His own 21 8”,23| beard, by saying to Moses to tell the sons of Aaron, or, in 22 8”,23| nuns, and let these in turn tell the things to the sisters 23 8”,23| psychically, he ought to tell about his injury to the

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