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staunchness 1
staurophore 3
staurophores 1
stay 23
stayed 2
staying 5
stays 1
Frequency    [«  »]
23 rulers
23 sardica
23 shameful
23 stay
23 substance
23 tell
23 whatsoever

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,13| among the living, let him stay with those who participate 2 1”,13| account to be ordered to stay in that place again; but 3 1”,13| listeners”), again he ought to stay there. And, in general, 4 1”,14| allowed to come to church and stay there until the time came 5 2”,7 | the faith, and make them stay in church a long time[67] 6 4”,20| contrary, they are obliged to stay in the one in which they 7 4”,23| city of Constantinople, and stay there a long time, causing 8 4”,23| go to Constantinople and stay in that city for a long 9 7”,3 | but each one of them is to stay in the rank in which he 10 7”,9 | less permissible for him to stay in one and serve customers 11 7”,18| own churches, and not to stay away from them for a long 12 7”,45| necessary, while they themselves stay inside their monasteries ( 13 7”,79| difficulty forcing him to stay away from his church, while 14 7”,87| he does not let his beast stay inside, it will perish. 15 7”,94| catechize them, and make them stay for a long time in church 16 7”,96| inside the temple, but are to stay in the gardens or grounds 17 8”,15| happens to be, ought to stay there and serve in one church. 18 8”,15| commands that everybody stay in the place whither he 19 8”,19| decreed that whether they stay or leave, those things are 20 8”,23| actuality occurred, let the wife stay with her husband, if not 21 8”,23| and he was ordered to stay out of the Bema. Thereafter 22 8”,23| pleasures, yet unable to stay sober in respect of untimely 23 8”,23| condemned; but if he should stay there for a long time, let

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