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peribolaion 1
peril 4
perils 1
period 23
periods 6
perish 2
perishability 1
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23 painted
23 paying
23 penalties
23 period
23 rulers
23 sardica
23 shameful

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Christianity. During this period, 325 to 451, which corresponds 2 Intro | this and the ante-Nicene period, we see that all sorts of 3 Intro | quite clear that this was a period of particularly fruitful 4 Intro | by the end of the ancient period. Since the canons of Late 5 Intro | canonical studies in the modern period.26 Fr. G. Florovsky underlined 6 1”,11| worthy of repentance over a period of four years, shall be 7 1”,12| fixed for their “listeningperiod, they shall participate 8 1”,19| commits fornication for a period of seven years, though it 9 4”,17| or more. But if during a period of thirty years there has 10 7”,24| managed to hold them for a period of thirty years without 11 7”,28| Week are included in the period of Great Lent, as well as 12 7”,28| must fast throughout the period of Great Lent by eating 13 7”,51| merry-making during this period. For this reason the present 14 7”,77| 1st) ought throughout the period of their catechization ( 15 7”,77| what was the length of this period? See the Footnote to c. 16 8”,23| obliged to fast first for a period of twice forty days, abstaining 17 8”,23| from protraction of the period of penance. For even in 18 8”,23| to be free, yet after the period of enslavement in question, 19 8”,23| immediately following the past period of fifteen years of the 20 8”,23| the advancing years of our period, children constantly grow 21 8”,23| to become a monk, yet the period of the forty days of Lent 22 8”,23| weddings are held during that period either. Really a most holy 23 8”,23| twenty-four hours of this period, appears and is said to

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