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painless 1
pains 7
paint 20
painted 23
painter 3
painters 5
painting 4
Frequency    [«  »]
23 laid
23 led
23 meant
23 painted
23 paying
23 penalties
23 period

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,81| perfect even though it be but painted is imprinted in the faces 2 7”,81| Christ Himself shall be painted a full-grown man, with respect 3 7”,99| shall any pictures be drawn, painted, or otherwise wrought, whether 4 7”,99| any means whatsoever be painted or drawn or sketched. If 5 8 | venerable and holy icons, painted or mosaic, or made of any 6 8 | hypostasis) of the one therein painted.[264] For thus the doctrine 7 8”,23| deacons ought not to be painted as deacons of the Mysteries 8 8”,23| the four Evangelists are painted with a human character, 9 8”,23| the Lady Theotoke to be painted rather as a girl (i.e., 10 8”,23| Jezebel heard of him; and she painted her face, and attired her 11 8”,23| of them wherein they are painted with beards. But, more to 12 8”,23| appear in their pictures painted in the church of St. Mark 13 8”,23| Leipzig they are to be seen painted after Martin Luther in the 14 8”,23| Apostles Peter and Paul, painted in colors, were still extant . . . 15 8”,23| out how angels ought to be painted, since they are circumscribable 16 8”,23| such as is that which is painted with oil colors or other 17 8”,23| oil), because the pictures painted on the walls of churches, 18 8”,23| ought to have His picture painted just as He appeared to Daniel 19 8”,23| Holy Spirit ought to be painted in the shape of a dove, 20 8”,23| for the Holy Spirit to be painted in a picture just as It 21 8”,23| Council It ought to be painted or depicted in icons and 22 8”,23| either because they have been painted by a certain Saint (but 23 8”,23| the Holy Spirit is to be painted in the shape of a dove,

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