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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 3 | to God.[73] For when the exarch of this Council, I mean 2 4”,9 | him apply either to the Exarch of the diocese or to the 3 4”,9 | Metropolitan, let him go to the Exarch of the diocese,[95] or to 4 4”,17| let him complain to the Exarch of the diocese, or let him 5 4”,17| him refer his case to the Exarch and chief head of the diocese ( 6 8”,23| the diocese” is called the exarch of the diocese in cc. IX 7 8”,23| and XXVIII of the 4th, the exarch being another dignitary 8 8”,23| together with their chief the Exarch. Now, however, that this 9 8”,23| totidem verbis, this its exarch, which is the same as saying 10 8”,23| Council. For he was its Exarch, but rather I should say 11 8”,23| is confirmed also by the exarch of this Council Cyril (who 12 8”,23| Bishop of Rome by the phraseExarch of the Diocese,” and that 13 8”,23| first and chiefly before the Exarch of the Diocese, that is 14 8”,23| of the Canon is this. The Exarch of the Diocese, according 15 8”,23| same thing as saying the Exarch of the Diocese, which indeed 16 8”,23| Synod of the Diocese and an Exarch of the Diocese occupies 17 8”,23| bishops subject to him. So the Exarch of a diocese is the Metropolitan 18 8”,23| exarchy, let him apply to the Exarch of the diocese; which is 19 8”,23| tried either before the Exarch of the diocese in which 20 8”,23| Let him apply first to the Exarch of the diocese, or to the 21 8”,23| whether they should go to the Exarch of the diocese or to the 22 8”,23| that the Synod and the Exarch of the diocese are no longer 23 8”,23| Alexandria Dioscorus its Exarch, in the hope that he would

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