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biship 1
bishop 639
bishop-to-be 1
bishopric 23
bishoprics 14
bishops 245
bit 2
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23 asserted
23 barbarians
23 beard
23 bishopric
23 blastaris
23 bring
23 cyprus

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 4”,25| another bishop for the vacant bishopric within three months, unless 2 4”,25| perhaps that particular bishopric may have been captured by 3 4”,25| from the affairs of that bishopric must be kept by the steward 4 7”,18| keeping him in his eparchy (or bishopric), until he goes back where 5 7”,34| clergymen have been left in that bishopric, then the Metropolitan shall 6 7”,69| are the priesthood and the bishopric. Eve, the woman formed by 7 8”,3 | going to be promoted to a bishopric to be appointed by bishops, 8 8”,9 | must be turned in to the Bishopric of Constantinople to be 9 8”,12| productive property of the bishopric or monastery respectively 10 8”,12| property be restored to the Bishopric, or to the Monastery, as 11 8”,12| the Bishop out of the Bishopric, and the Abbot out of the 12 8”,12| them, as bishop from the bishopric, or an abbot from a monastery, 13 8”,12| things are to revert to the bishopric or monastery, as the case 14 8”,12| is to be ousted from the bishopric, and any abbot who has done 15 8”,18| or of a free woman in a bishopric, or in a monastery, for 16 8”,18| in the latifundia of a bishopric or of a monastery there 17 8”,23| doing right if he desires a bishopric and holy orders, of which 18 8”,23| signifies the episcopate and bishopric of each bishop at any time, 19 8”,23| that Bishop Theodore (whose bishopric was in Libya), who was cubicularius 20 8”,23| metropolis of Cappadocia when the bishopric of Tyana was honored by 21 8”,23| occurred in regard to the bishopric of Basilinoupolis. 5) And 22 8”,23| is to be deprived of his bishopric and episcopate if he gives 23 8”,23| and a bishop without a bishopric.~ ~ [166] Note that although

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