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assembly 10
assented 1
assert 32
asserted 23
asserting 7
assertion 10
assertions 4
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24 wearing
23 acting
23 altogether
23 asserted
23 barbarians
23 beard
23 bishopric

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,19| But this which we have asserted as concerning men must also 2 4”,24| situated (as we have previously asserted in connection with c. IV 3 4”,30| contained, but because they asserted that it was a custom in 4 4”,30| after they had heard them asserted by the Alexandrians, but, 5 7”,16| Neocaesarea have thus clearly asserted in the Canons they promulgated 6 7”,26| Council is correcting what it asserted in its said c. II by what 7 7”,31| tradition, this God-bearing man asserted the said words. Since even 8 8”,23| authorities, however, have asserted that by “psychical sin” 9 8”,23| Acacius, after corrupting it, asserted that the Bishop of Rome 10 8”,23| as certain writers have asserted, but those of a patriarch; 11 8”,23| down. He also pratingly asserted that there is no hell or 12 8”,23| instead of Noetians. He asserted that the Father and the 13 8”,23| the heresy of Arius, who asserted among other things that 14 8”,23| who were mythologically asserted to have given birth to their 15 8”,23| the one hand, Nestorius asserted that “Since Christ is of 16 8”,23| Celestius, on the other hand, asserted that “it is not God, that 17 8”,23| Theologian resigned, as is asserted also by Balsamon, let them 18 8”,23| reason that this Council asserted in its definition above 19 8”,23| respect to the former he asserted that He was inbuilt (i.e., 20 8”,23| in. respect to the Son he asserted that He was a ctisma (meaning 21 8”,23| the reason why St. Basil asserted the same thing twice, above 22 8”,23| dedicated. The same thing is asserted also by Balsamon (Reply 23 8”,23| Sunday of Orthodoxy it is asserted that the grace of the Gospel,

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