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alternately 1
alternative 1
although 26
altogether 23
always 15
am 10
amass 1
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24 sit
24 wearing
23 acting
23 altogether
23 asserted
23 barbarians
23 beard

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,15| has seemed best to do away altogether with the custom which obtained 2 4”,18| shall forfeit their own rank altogether.~(Ap. c. XXXI; c. XXXIV 3 7”,3 | they were to be deposed altogether and to be made laymen. All 4 7”,33| shall forfeit their own rank altogether.~(Ap. c. XXXI; c. XVIII 5 7”,41| driven out of the cities altogether and be forced to dwell in 6 7”,60| thrown out of the Church altogether, in conformity with what 7 7”,60| from the Church of Christ altogether and are to be excluded from 8 7”,61| in spring, be eliminated altogether from the public and private 9 8”,5 | and exscinded, or cut off, altogether from communion, as was Simon 10 8”,23| shun the company of women altogether, or if this is impossible, 11 8”,23| saved, let them refrain altogether from the most holy works 12 8”,23| allege to exist here is altogether imaginery. For the Second 13 8”,23| be preserved intact and altogether unchanged, and which place 14 8”,23| anyone to resign his province altogether. Though that Canon does 15 8”,23| account either embrace it altogether, my fine fellow, ~Or make 16 8”,23| spontaneously, and keep away from it altogether, and repent, they may regain 17 8”,23| thereon. But such cases are altogether rare. For oratories, however, 18 8”,23| LIX it appears to prohibit altogether any performing of a baptism 19 8”,23| Church of the Christians altogether as being a portion of Satan, 20 8”,23| bodies, and they attribute altogether the passions and impulses 21 8”,23| and are not utterly and altogether incorporeal like God.” For 22 8”,23| forbid! For this is something altogether alien to the tradition of 23 8”,23| rulers, the transfer would be altogether unbecoming, both on the

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