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Alphabetical    [«  »]
unwitting 1
unwittingly 10
unworthily 2
unworthy 22
unwritten 6
unyoked 1
up 138
Frequency    [«  »]
22 souls
22 therefrom
22 told
22 unworthy
22 wherefore
22 wrote
22 xxxvi

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,9 | ordained in spite of his being unworthy, he is to be deposed in 2 1”,19| examined they are found to be unworthy of holy orders, they must 3 8”,23| though they themselves are unworthy, in order that the people 4 8”,23| grace operates through the unworthy not on their account, but 5 8”,23| to operate also through unworthy persons, and the grace of 6 8”,23| is also operative in an unworthy person, not for our sake, 7 8”,23| even though we really are unworthy.” Symeon of Thessalonica ( 8 8”,23| after the ordination, are unworthy of holy orders. And if they 9 8”,23| they see persons that are unworthy and have produced no fruit 10 8”,23| deeds he has made himself unworthy. Even the present Canon, 11 8”,23| resign; but if they are unworthy, let them not evade the 12 8”,23| offers the pretext that he is unworthy, he must not be listened 13 8”,23| unless he be proved to be unworthy of the prelacy. For it is 14 8”,23| another thing for one to be unworthy, in a privative sense. For 15 8”,23| privative sense. For any man is unworthy of the prelacy who has committed 16 8”,23| resigning the episcopate, not as unworthy, but as not worthy. For 17 8”,23| as not worthy. For every unworthy person may be described 18 8”,23| whoever is not worthy is also unworthy. For anyone that asserts 19 8”,23| that asserts himself to be unworthy becomes self-condemned, 20 8”,23| permission, even though they be unworthy, to commune in the divine 21 8”,23| must sinners be accounted unworthy to be buried inside a church! 22 8”,23| unseasonably, while loving unworthy persons (according to Dositheus

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