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today 25
together 101
token 5
told 22
toledo 2
tolerate 3
tolerated 2
Frequency    [«  »]
22 seemed
22 souls
22 therefrom
22 told
22 unworthy
22 wherefore
22 wrote

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 4”,26| present Canon, we have been told that in some provinces bishops 2 7”,7 | Luke. (Luke 14:7). For he told those called something like 3 7”,55| living in Armenia, being told that the Apostolic Canon 4 7”,75| Interpretation.~The Lord told the Jews (19:46): “It is 5 8”,15| usage. For we have been told by the voice of the Lord 6 8”,16| vestments. For they had been told by the Speaker of God’s 7 8”,23| of this Council. He was told, however, by the Synod that 8 8”,23| day, called his nephew and told him to fetch a priest. The 9 8”,23| of the all-holy bread and told him to wet it and pour it 10 8”,23| fearful and painful death, as told by St. Germanus of Constantinople 11 8”,23| had heard the blasphemy told it to the magistrate, and 12 8”,23| honor and reverence, who told him, “Convey word to Pope 13 8”,23| hastening to the Patriarch, and told him what had been said. 14 8”,23| Isaac the Bishop of Ephesus told Michael, the first of the 15 8”,23| Being unable to brook being told that the one whom they profess 16 8”,23| ordination? The reason is told in the third Novel of Leo 17 8”,23| of their age, since it is told by Solomon that prudence ( 18 8”,23| thanks (acknowledged, as I am told, also by the Westerners), 19 8”,23| they commit in Moscow, I am told. There Christians go from 20 8”,23| heard a divine voice which told him to tell the bishop and 21 8”,23| the saint reappeared and told him the same things again. 22 8”,23| from him. But if she be told that he has died, she shall

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