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Alphabetical    [«  »]
judaeus 1
judas 3
judea 1
judge 22
judged 19
judges 7
judging 1
Frequency    [«  »]
22 derived
22 economy
22 entire
22 judge
22 judgment
22 less
22 makes

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | into heaven and cometh to judge the living and the dead. 2 8”,23| ecumenical council is the final judge of all ecclesiastical matters, 3 8”,23| i.e., non-ecclesiastical) judge to try the case of a bishop 4 8”,23| Eusebians who were about to judge Athanasius locally, and 5 8”,23| locally, and those about to judge Chrysostom, were manifest 6 8”,23| Patriarch cannot become a judge in regard to the decision 7 8”,23| is the final and supreme judge in the Church. Concerning 8 8”,23| be the chief and supreme judge over all the Patriarchs. 9 8”,23| Constantinople is chief judge over all, because the Bishop 10 8”,23| the ultimate and common judge over all the Patriarchs, 11 8”,23| Bishop ot Constantinople can judge the Patriarchs, and that 12 8”,23| considered to have the right to judge himsell and also the Bishop 13 8”,23| the last and the common judge of all the Patriarchs and 14 8”,23| necessarily entitled to sit as judge over all Metropolitans, 15 8”,23| first and sole and ultimate judge of the Metropolitans under 16 8”,23| ultimate and most common judge of all Patriarchs, as we 17 8”,23| succeeding by the righteous Judge according to the merit of 18 8”,23| neither do old men know how to judge; but it is a spirit in mortals, 19 8”,23| to be allowed to meet the Judge. These three conditions 20 8”,23| be destroyed by the local judge, as Book VIII of the law, 21 8”,23| like St. Ephrem did not judge himself worthy to be buried 22 8”,23| a man? For God will not judge a person who takes an oath

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