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footwear 1
for 1649
forbade 2
forbid 21
forbidden 33
forbidding 2
forbids 19
Frequency    [«  »]
21 desire
21 examined
21 fails
21 forbid
21 hath
21 holding
21 names

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | says as follows: “We too forbid, in accordance with the 2 7”,26| they not still more firmly forbid these things to clergymen? 3 7”,49| Interpretation.~These Fathers forbid everybody to gamble, or, 4 7”,73| Note that though the Canons forbid the holding of agapae, or 5 7”,73| love-feasts, they do not forbid their being held at common 6 7”,85| Interpretation.~Even the civil laws forbid and punish the practices 7 8”,14| uncanonical fashion, we forbid the doing of this from now 8 8”,23| were fire. But if saints forbid a man to associate with 9 8”,23| how much more do they not forbid him to live with them? These 10 8”,23| another and another, God forbid! But a God the same perfect, 11 8”,23| into Orthodoxy, decided to forbid the writing of creeds henceforth 12 8”,23| the public. But it did not forbid the writing of a different 13 8”,23| Orthodox Christian. Nor did it forbid heretics a different creed 14 8”,23| stead, much more does it forbid anyone to resign his province 15 8”,23| accordance with nature. God forbid! For if this had been the 16 8”,23| extenso goes so far as to forbid any brother to open the 17 8”,23| consenting to it, yet it does not forbid him to separate from his 18 8”,23| and XIII of Timothy, which forbid this; and because they allow 19 8”,23| their rason and marry. God forbid! For how could they possibly 20 8”,23| 21:5). Not only did He forbid this in words, but He even 21 8”,23| accuse us of doing. Heaven forbid! For this is something altogether

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