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Alphabetical    [«  »]
designing 1
designs 1
desirable 1
desire 21
desires 8
desirous 2
desist 1
Frequency    [«  »]
21 country
21 customs
21 deposition
21 desire
21 examined
21 fails
21 forbid

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,8 | 8.~ With a desire to hold fast to whatever 2 7”,13| rigorism and orderliness, we desire that henceforward the lawful 3 7”,13| Ap. c. V, that is to say, desire and hereby decree the marriage 4 7”,26| he says: “If, then, you desire these garments, imitate 5 7”,29| as we have said, in the desire to circumvent, or get round, 6 7”,40| vainglory, but out of a desire for the good of quietude 7 7”,46| kindling the innate fire of desire both in the men and in the 8 7”,47| consequently be burned up with a desire for carnal love. But if 9 7”,76| overwhelmed and moved to desire. But not even married couples 10 8”,4 | subsequent thereto, not to desire silver, or gold, or clothes, 11 8”,23| pleasure and inhibits unlimited desire; besides these differences, 12 8”,23| passionateness of his irresistible desire, nor do parturient pangs 13 8”,23| their debut. Hence a double desire is aroused in men living 14 8”,23| tantalized by the passion of desire, yet if he be not suffering 15 8”,23| burnt up many men with a desire for such young men, consigned 16 8”,23| virginity) are excited to a desire for that object in particular 17 8”,23| or, in other words, to a desire for a woman. Hence as a 18 8”,23| men and receive a seed of desire from the enemy and sower 19 8”,23| without the consent and desire of the other party. But 20 8”,23| if one, contrary to the desire of the other, becomes a 21 8”,23| he has a right, if he so desire, to take his own wife back

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