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Alphabetical    [«  »]
corpses 2
corpus 9
correct 33
corrected 21
correcting 7
correction 10
correctly 5
Frequency    [«  »]
21 commanded
21 compelled
21 contained
21 corrected
21 country
21 customs
21 deposition

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | material or else reviewed and corrected by a jurist. From one manuscript 2 4”,19| and for all matters to be corrected that may come up. As for 3 7”,74| eagerly should either be corrected or be ousted. If there are 4 8”,5 | persist, they are to be corrected by means of a penance. If, 5 8”,5 | further, they are to be corrected by the chief priest with 6 8”,6 | pretext, and wrong things be corrected: therefore we renew this 7 8”,8 | Jews may be reproved and corrected, we ought to accept such 8 8”,16| conspicuous clothes need to be corrected; but if they insist upon 9 8”,16| decent vestments, let them be corrected with a penance. For ever 10 8”,16| I say, let these men be corrected with a penance, for ever 11 8”,23| correct themselves or be corrected; but if not, let the rules 12 8”,23| the Romans, and has to be corrected, that Sergius of Constantinople 13 8”,23| and said to him, “I have corrected it.” The excerpt from that 14 8”,23| not so much ratified as corrected, or rather to say improved, 15 8”,23| iconoclast (or iconomach), was corrected (page 789 of the Collection 16 8”,23| supperless, if he will be corrected. But if he will not be corrected, 17 8”,23| corrected. But if he will not be corrected, he is to be cut off from 18 8”,23| heathens, and they ought to be corrected by the holy and great Church 19 8”,23| death is one that is not corrected by a return, such as the 20 8”,23| wordcharity” has been corrected to “love,” leaving the incorrect “ 21 8”,23| be shamed by this and be corrected. And see also the three

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