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comparison 1
compassing 1
compel 6
compelled 21
compelling 2
compels 3
compensate 1
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21 century
21 chalcedon
21 commanded
21 compelled
21 contained
21 corrected
21 country

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,10| and have been forcibly compelled to have their hands defiled 2 4”,10| hereafter, they are to be compelled to return to their former 3 4”,20| only those who have been compelled to flee from their motherland 4 7”,25| seat, but he will even be compelled to undergo penances. Read 5 7”,43| as his wife), shall be compelled to suffer the penalty of 6 7”,45| outside of it, but if they are compelled to do so by any inexorable ( 7 7”,45| monks, too, when similarly compelled by some urgent and unavoidable 8 7”,52| and afterwards let them be compelled to undergo the penances 9 7”,60| those Christians shall be compelled to abstain from the Mysteries 10 8”,21| proper welcome he or she be compelled to betake himself or herself 11 8”,23| and judicial trial, was compelled by the first synod held 12 8”,23| be anathematized, and be compelled to don the habit (of a monk) 13 8”,23| true that they have been compelled to consent to it against 14 8”,23| substantive), we shall be compelled to attribute three wills 15 8”,23| and become laymen shall be compelled to wear it against their 16 8”,23| their wives many of them be compelled to fornicate and to indulge 17 8”,23| or rather canon, in Rome compelled many priests to divorce 18 8”,23| contrary, he will be for this compelled to carry out his earlier 19 8”,23| ought to be obliged and compelled to reunite with the other 20 8”,23| become a monk is herself compelled to become a nun (which was 21 8”,23| worldlings, and consequently be compelled to serve two masters. But

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