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canonist 4
canonists 6
canonize 2
canonized 21
canonizes 5
canons 294
canonum 1
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21 basilica
21 belief
21 caesarea
21 canonized
21 century
21 chalcedon
21 commanded

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,40| cloister, and be penanced (or “canonized”) canonically both with 2 7”,52| and next they are to be canonized (i.e., canonically punished) 3 7”,53| contract, and afterwards be canonized (i.e., penanced) seven years. 4 7”,53| of relationship is to be canonized with the penalty of adulterers, 5 7”,60| leniently dealt with (or canonized), just as are those who 6 7”,60| calamity, they are to be canonized like those who have voluntarily 7 7”,86| a man and his likes are canonized by the Fathers (assembled, 8 7”,93| anyhow, and violate it, he is canonized in a general way and indefinitely 9 7”,93| LXXXII the delinquent is canonized definitely and according 10 8”,16| themselves, let them be canonized with a suitable penance. 11 8”,18| doing this, let him be duly canonized. But if he should persist 12 8”,23| as the original says, “canonized”) a soldier in too short 13 8”,23| carelessness, he must be canonized (i.e., penalized canonically) 14 8”,23| negligence, he is to be canonized with a severe penance, and 15 8”,23| that a married monk is “canonized” by the present Canon as 16 8”,23| into love. Such women are canonized as murderessestwenty 17 8”,23| spirituals; and they ought to be canonized so as to refrain from doing 18 8”,23| ought those persons to be canonized (i.e., canonically penanced) 19 8”,23| resurrected, they too ought to be canonized by spirituals and be forbidden 20 8”,23| fornicators, that they are being canonized. See also the Footnote to 21 8”,23| ought to be most heavily canonized by the Confessors and holy

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