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painfully 1
painless 1
pains 7
paint 20
painted 23
painter 3
painters 5
Frequency    [«  »]
20 light
20 offering
20 officiate
20 paint
20 parts
20 penanced
20 possessed

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,81| Interpretation.~Since some painters paint Christ as a sheep and lamb, 2 7”,99| as some men were wont to paint or draw on walls and boards 3 8”,23| themselves, just as black paint secludes itself to the eye. 4 8”,23| women who use rouge and paint on their face, in order 5 8”,23| invisible;~Nor apply shameful paint to forms of God’s,~So as 6 8”,23| strange female!~I did not paint thee a bitch, but created 7 8”,23| because she too used to paint her face in order to please 8 8”,23| be burned; and when the paint and outlines of the pictures 9 8”,23| the sense that we do not paint Him in accordance with the 10 8”,23| impossible, he says, to blazon or paint God’s nature. That is what 11 8”,23| and not that we do not paint Him as He appeared to the 12 8”,23| Prophet. For if we did not paint Him at all or portray Him 13 8”,23| the Gospel say, and then paint their icons in accordance 14 8”,23| say, and not go ahead and paint one thing instead of another, 15 8”,23| for instance, for them to paint the Lord as a beardless 16 8”,23| after baptism. For them to paint Paul the Apostle at the 17 8”,23| St. Stephen. For them to paint the Resurrection of Christ, 18 8”,23| addition, they ought not to paint in the icon of Pentecost 19 8”,23| instead thereof, they ought to paint a picture of the prophet 20 8”,23| order that the icons they paint may resemble the originals,

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