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21 trinity
21 vol
20 accord
20 animals
20 carnal
20 caught
20 commandments

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,50| or bears, or other savage animals, fighting, either among 2 7”,55| abstains during Lent from animals that are sacrified, so must 3 7”,55| fruit and produce of such animals.[181] As for those who fail 4 7”,60| after them, or other such animals, for the purpose of sport 5 7”,60| bears[186] or other such animals along with them for sport 6 7”,61| patron of sheep and other animals. The Brumalia were celebrated 7 7”,87| enable men to water their animals (Luke ch. 13), or to get 8 7”,98| or some other part of the animals being sacrificed to their 9 8”,23| dogs, the name of which animals in Greek is cynes). Having 10 8”,23| by insects or other small animals. In this connection Symeon 11 8”,23| hares, rabbits, and other animals, or of birds of any kind. 12 8”,23| looking at the hunting of animals and of wild beasts, much 13 8”,23| expression being confined to land animals and fowls of the air, we 14 8”,23| and all the body of these animals, and cutting off hairs of 15 8”,23| cattle, horses, and other animals to die, or to sustain some 16 8”,23| cutting up the entrails of animals divine the future, whence 17 8”,23| other holy icons the four animals alone which prefigured in 18 8”,23| character. I said the four animals alone because if the four 19 8”,23| and together with them the animals which prefigured them are 20 8”,23| slaughter of sheep and other animals, so too do these deluded

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