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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,16| local Bishop is to have control of kindliness in regard 2 4”,16| body to God, no longer has control over what has been dedicated 3 7”,42| Christian (who is under his own control, that is to say, and not 4 7”,59| gesticulations of persons under the control of demons and make irregular 5 7”,59| themselves to be under the control of demons have become familiar 6 8”,23| doing his utmost to gain control of the Cyprians, on the 7 8”,23| that party ought to have control who wants to make his children 8 8”,23| is not merely a matter of control or ownership, for, behold, 9 8”,23| else under its immediate control is acting through and by 10 8”,23| having its own self under its control and responding with respect 11 8”,23| again: “A wife hath not control over her own body, but her 12 8”,23| also a husband hath not control over his own body, but his 13 8”,23| true that they have not the control over themselves, or their 14 8”,23| bodies, but are under the control of one another, and not 15 8”,23| under their own respective control as individuals, then neither 16 8”,23| a wife who is under the control of her husband (as well 17 8”,23| daughter be freed from the control exercised over her by her 18 8”,23| slave girl be freed from the control exercised over her by her 19 8”,23| want to be freed from such control, they are to be exiled,

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