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relational 1
relations 2
relationship 9
relative 15
relatively 8
relatives 17
release 1
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15 quite
15 rate
15 refrain
15 relative
15 romans
15 separate
15 servant

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,25| unwittingly marries any female relative of his, must, because of 2 7”,53| shall not intrude upon any relative of thy flesh to expose his 3 7”,53| take in marriage any carnal relative of thine,” in reference 4 8”,20| to see a monk who is her relative, let him speak with her 5 8”,20| wishes to see a nun who is a relative of his, let him see her, 6 8”,23| bishop is not absolute, but relative. For a bishop must be the 7 8”,23| limitation of power, or any other relative union (such as Nestorius 8 8”,23| Logos with the human being a relative union (or a relational union), 9 8”,23| to that church where some relative of theirs has been buried. 10 8”,23| fighting with them because your relative died? And who are you to 11 8”,23| and that which is termed relative adoration. Worshipping adoration 12 8”,23| pictures of their Creator). Relative adoration, on the other 13 8”,23| holy icons. It is called relative because of the fact that 14 8”,23| or picture, we accord it relative adoration (and see Dositheus, 15 8”,23| these things are adored with relative adoration, that is to say,

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