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church 1
churches 2
citium 3
city 14
cleansed 1
close 1
cloth 1
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15 which
14 at
14 been
14 city
14 found
14 go
14 not

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| take the oversight of his city Cyrene. And a vision was 2 Text| Aconesiae, and came to the city of Anemurium; and having 3 Text| allow us to go into the city, but we rested a little 4 Text| mountains, and came to the city of Lampadistus, of which 5 Text| entertained by him. He was of the city of Tamasus, and had come 6 Text| performed in the road near the city, where a multitude of women 7 Text| was close at hand in the city, which was called sacred. 8 Text| Barjesus. stood outside of the city, and did not allow us to 9 Text| allow us to go into the city; but we spent the evening 10 Text| evening under a tree near the city, and rested there.~And on 11 Text| allow us to enter into the city; but a certain widow woman. 12 Text| old. being outside of the city, and she also not worshipping 13 Text| we came forth out of the city, having all shaken the dust 14 Text| and having gone out of the city, standing round him, they

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