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his 18
hold 2
holiness 1
holy 12
honour 1
hope 2
hour 3
Frequency    [«  »]
14 on
13 into
12 be
12 holy
12 one
12 place
12 thee

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| and saw the ineffable and holy and unspotted mystery of 2 Text| I John, accompanying the holy apostles Barnabas and Paul, 3 Text| received the gift of the Holy Spirit through Paul and 4 Text| days; for there was there a holy man and a pious, who also 5 Text| regions of the West; and the Holy Spirit did not allow me. 6 Text| Jerusalem to worship in the holy place, and there it shall 7 Text| pricked at heart by the Holy Spirit, they fell at his 8 Text| of Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost. And they knew that 9 Text| clothed with power, and a holy robe. And having taken from 10 Text| with Paul; to whom also the Holy Spirit was given at baptism, 11 Text| of Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost; who also changed 12 Text| journeyings and martyrdom of the holy apostle Barnabas have been

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