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Alphabetical    [«  »]
began 1
beginning 1
beheld 1
being 10
believe 1
believed 1
bending 1
Frequency    [«  »]
12 place
12 thee
11 come
10 being
10 but
10 god
10 gone

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| apostles Barnabas and Paul, being formerly a servant of Cyrillus 2 Text| accompany them, on account of my being their servant from the beginning, 3 Text| altogether splendid. And being astonished at the saying, 4 Text| incorruptible for ever. And being pricked at heart by the 5 Text| Lapithus, and an idol festival being celebrated in the theatre, 6 Text| certain abominable race was being performed in the road near 7 Text| Aristoclianus dwelt. He being a leper, had been cleansed 8 Text| woman. eighty years old. being outside of the city, and 9 Text| come to Citium, and there being a great uproar there also 10 Text| opportunity in the night, and being able along with Timon and

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