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jerusalem 3
jesus 3
jew 1
jews 9
john 3
journey 1
journeyed 1
Frequency    [«  »]
10 when
9 certain
9 has
9 jews
9 name
9 shall
9 thou

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| enlightened many of the Jews and Greeks. And I only attended 2 Text| temple, a great multitude of Jews who were there, having been 3 Text| gained over the nation of the Jews, and did not allow us to 4 Text| fellow-labourer, began to teach the Jews.~And Barjesus, having arrived 5 Text| two days, after not a few Jews had been instructed, was 6 Text| all the multitude of the Jews; and they having laid hold 7 Text| having count to Cyprus, the Jews, learning this, took Barnabas 8 Text| were hid in the place. the Jews made no little search after 9 Text| cave three days; and the Jews having gone away, we came

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