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Alphabetical    [«  »]
to 123
together 2
toil 1
took 8
travelled 1
tree 1
true 1
Frequency    [«  »]
8 is
8 night
8 said
8 took
7 after
7 all
7 away

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| and tasted bread, and he took a little of it. And they 2 Text| the first of the week they took counsel together to set 3 Text| one another, and Barnabas took me to himself.~And having 4 Text| idols, coming forward to us, took us into her house one hour. 5 Text| libation of the abominable took place.~And having gone out 6 Text| of idols; and there there took place high festivals and 7 Text| the Jews, learning this, took Barnabas by night, and bound 8 Text| a cave near the village, took refuge in it, and thus escaped

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