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Alphabetical    [«  »]
hast 3
hasten 2
have 8
having 51
he 21
heard 3
heart 1
Frequency    [«  »]
77 of
57 we
56 in
51 having
42 a
34 there
33 him

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| priest of Jupiter, but now having received the gift of the 2 Text| to reveal them. ~And I, having been instructed in these 3 Text| sought the apostles; and having learned that they were in 4 Text| both because he held me as having spent much time in Pamphylia, 5 Text| beginning, and on account of my having served them in all Cyprus 6 Text| took me to himself.~And having come down to Laodiceia, 7 Text| to cross to Cyprus; and having found a ship going to Cyprus, 8 Text| we came to Corasium; and having gone down to the shore where 9 Text| separated from Paul. And having set sail from Corasium, 10 Text| called Pityusa; and a storm having come on, we remained there 11 Text| the city of Anemurium; and having gone into it, we found two 12 Text| power, and a holy robe. And having taken from me one robe, 13 Text| gain many things. ~And they having come down to the shore, 14 Text| the word of God; and he having blessed them, we saluted 15 Text| not permit him. And we, having gone across, sailed down 16 Text| to Cyprus by night; and having come to the place called 17 Text| afflicted by much fever. And having laid our hands upon him, 18 Text| straightway removed his fever, having called upon the name of 19 Text| disease, came with us. And having gone forth from Lapithus, 20 Text| native; in addition to whom, having found also that Heracleius 21 Text| at him, recognised him, having met with him formerly at 22 Text| name to Heracleides. And having ordained him bishop over 23 Text| bishop over Cyprus, and having confirmed the church in 24 Text| brethren that dwelt there.~And having crossed the mountain called 25 Text| temple servant, who also, having himself believed, accompanied 26 Text| recognised Barnabas, as having been formerly with Paul. 27 Text| us to go into Paphos; but having turned away, we came to 28 Text| of Jews who were there, having been put up to it by Barjesus. 29 Text| abominable took place.~And having gone out thence, we came 30 Text| also accompanied us. And having come to Citium, and there 31 Text| also in their hippodrome, having learned this, we came forth 32 Text| came forth out of the city, having all shaken the dust off 33 Text| gate near the aqueduct.~And having set sail in a ship from 34 Text| festivals and libations. And having found Heracleides there 35 Text| and ministers in them. And having gone into Salamis. we came 36 Text| gone into it, Barnabas, having unrolled the Gospel which 37 Text| the Jews.~And Barjesus, having arrived after two days, 38 Text| multitude of the Jews; and they having laid hold of Barnabas, wished 39 Text| governor of Salamis. And having bound him to take him away 40 Text| Jebusite, a kinsman of Nero, having count to Cyprus, the Jews, 41 Text| a rope by the neck; and having dragged him to the hippodrome 42 Text| from the synagogue, and having gone out of the city, standing 43 Text| straightway that night, having taken his dust, they cast 44 Text| cast it into a cloth; and having se cured it with lead. they 45 Text| to a certain place, and having found a cave, put it down 46 Text| Jebusites formerly dwelt. And having found a secret place in 47 Text| little search after us; and having almost found us, they pursued 48 Text| of the Ledrians; and we, having found there also a cave 49 Text| three days; and the Jews having gone away, we came forth 50 Text| village of Limnes. ~And having come to the shore, we found 51 Text| found an Egyptian ship; and having embarked in it, we landed

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