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baptism 2
baptized 4
barjesus 4
barnabas 30
be 12
became 1
because 6
Frequency    [«  »]
33 him
32 also
32 i
30 barnabas
29 that
28 it
27 was

The Acts of Barnabas

IntraText - Concordances


1 Text| accompanying the holy apostles Barnabas and Paul, being formerly 2 Text| Spirit through Paul and Barnabas and Silas, who were worthy 3 Text| terrified, I went to the feet of Barnabas, and related to him the 4 Text| disclosed the mysteries. And Barnabas said to me: Tell no one 5 Text| delaying in Pamphylia. And Barnabas coming, encouraged him, 6 Text| spoken the word of God. And Barnabas entreated Paul to go first 7 Text| expected him there. But Barnabas urged that they should go 8 Text| arose between them. And Barnabas urged me also to accompany 9 Text| But Paul cried out against Barnabas, saying: It is impossible 10 Text| end. So that Paul said to Barnabas: If thou wilt take John 11 Text| shall not come with us. And Barnabas coming to himself, said: 12 Text| and in like manner also Barnabas, saying to one another: 13 Text| night, saying, Do not force Barnabas not to go to Cyprus, for 14 Text| saluted one another, and Barnabas took me to himself.~And 15 Text| that no one might know that Barnabas had separated from Paul. 16 Text| name Euphemus, whom also Barnabas instructed in many things 17 Text| whence and who we were. And Barnabas said to them: If you wish 18 Text| are going to give us? And Barnabas said to them: If you shall 19 Text| to him, and straightway Barnabas distributed it to the poor. 20 Text| wished to accompany us, and Barnabas did not permit him. And 21 Text| name of the Lord Jesus. And Barnabas had received documents from 22 Text| miracles and doctrines. This Barnabas laid upon the sick in each 23 Text| visit his relations; and Barnabas, looking stedfastly at him, 24 Text| Paphos, who also recognised Barnabas, as having been formerly 25 Text| error in that place. And Barnabas turning, rebuked it; and 26 Text| Antioch, whom also Paul and Barnabas sealed to be a bishop, and 27 Text| when we had gone into it, Barnabas, having unrolled the Gospel 28 Text| they having laid hold of Barnabas, wished to hand him over 29 Text| Jews, learning this, took Barnabas by night, and bound him 30 Text| martyrdom of the holy apostle Barnabas have been fulfilled through

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