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Alphabetical    [«  »]
by 18
called 6
calling 1
came 24
carry 1
cast 1
cave 4
Frequency    [«  »]
27 was
26 us
25 for
24 came
22 them
22 they
21 he

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| sanctified. Thence, therefore, we came to Seleucia, and after staying 2 Text| in Pamphylia.~And when it came to pass that they finished 3 Text| in all Cyprus until they came to Perga of Pamphylia; and 4 Text| found to be contrary. And we came to Corasium; and having 5 Text| set sail from Corasium, we came to the regions of Isauria, 6 Text| regions of Isauria, and thence came to a certain island called 7 Text| past the Aconesiae, and came to the city of Anemurium; 8 Text| sick in each place that we came to, and it immediately made 9 Text| rose up from his disease, came with us. And having gone 10 Text| through the mountains, and came to the city of Lampadistus, 11 Text| mountain called Chionodes, we came to Old Paphos, and there 12 Text| but having turned away, we came to Curium. ~And we found 13 Text| called sacred. And when we came near the temple, a great 14 Text| on the following day, we came to a certain village where 15 Text| remained one day. And thence we came to Amathus and there was 16 Text| house one hour. And when we came out we shook the dust off 17 Text| having gone out thence, we came through desert places, and 18 Text| having learned this, we came forth out of the city, having 19 Text| in a ship from Citium, we came to Salamis, and landed in 20 Text| having gone into Salamis. we came to the synagogue near the 21 Text| and Rhodon to carry it. we came to a certain place, and 22 Text| Jews having gone away, we came forth and left the place 23 Text| us Ariston and Rhodon, we came to the village of Limnes. ~ 24 Text| teaching the brethren that came the word of the Lord, enlightening

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