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Alphabetical    [«  »]
pass 2
passed 1
past 1
paul 20
perfect 3
performed 1
performing 1
Frequency    [«  »]
22 them
22 they
21 he
20 paul
19 from
19 with
18 by

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| holy apostles Barnabas and Paul, being formerly a servant 2 Text| the Holy Spirit through Paul and Barnabas and Silas, 3 Text| that man. And the Apostle Paul was not by when I disclosed 4 Text| entertained us, whose house also Paul had sanctified. Thence, 5 Text| went to them.~And I found Paul in bed in Antioch from the 6 Text| them, and was afraid of Paul to come near him, both because 7 Text| knees upon the earth to Paul, and he would not endure 8 Text| And Barnabas entreated Paul to go first to Cyprus, and 9 Text| And a vision was seen by Paul in sleep, that he should 10 Text| remained many days. But Paul cried out against Barnabas, 11 Text| them to the end. So that Paul said to Barnabas: If thou 12 Text| agreeable to thee, Father Paul, I take him and go. And 13 Text| they prayed to God. And Paul, groaning aloud, wept, and 14 Text| seemed good to thee, Father Paul, pray for me that my labour 15 Text| more see thy face, O Father Paul. And failing on the ground 16 Text| feet, he wept long. And Paul said to him: The Lord stood 17 Text| Barnabas had separated from Paul. And having set sail from 18 Text| formerly at Citium with Paul; to whom also the Holy Spirit 19 Text| having been formerly with Paul. He did not wish us to go 20 Text| cleansed in Antioch, whom also Paul and Barnabas sealed to be

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