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coal 1
coals 2
coffin 5
come 26
comes 1
comforter 1
coming 2
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28 said
27 as
27 this
26 come
26 them
26 up
25 thy

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| favoured! And why hast thou come hither to me, having left 2 Text| but how thou hast suddenly come hither, this altogether 3 Text| from its root there shall come forth a great fountain, 4 Text| him. And Matthew, having come to the gate of the church, 5 Text| fragrance of perfumes shall come forth from it, and there 6 Text| fountain of water shall come forth from the root of it, 7 Text| many others having also come with them; and all in the 8 Text| when the dawn had fully come, the blessed Matthew, having 9 Text| wished.~And when what had come to pass was reported in 10 Text| Then the bishop having come, and the clergy, they stood 11 Text| and unclean devil who had come forth from the king's wife, 12 Text| but saw no one. And having come, they said to the king: 13 Text| when they were about to come near the blessed Matthew, 14 Text| Lord Jesus Christ, having come in the likeness of a most 15 Text| a footstep of theirs has come, thence, pursued, we flee. 16 Text| Since I do not know Matthew, come with me, and point him out 17 Text| day. And the night having come, and he not being able to 18 Text| miserable! what evil has come upon me, for my eyes have 19 Text| thou hast said to me has come upon me. But I pray thee, 20 Text| several executioners to come, and to lead him away to 21 Text| apostle. Having therefore come to the place, the executioners, 22 Text| ordered more soldiers to come, and the bed to be brought 23 Text| ordered that no one should come in but the soldiers carrying 24 Text| having shone abroad, and come even to us, and we having 25 Text| even to us, and we having come to the knowledge of the 26 Text| after all these things had come to pass, Matthew the apostle

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