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nothing 1
november 1
now 15
o 21
of 193
off 4
offer 1
Frequency    [«  »]
21 christ
21 jesus
21 not
21 o
20 apostle
20 had
20 one

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| Grace to thee, and peace, O child highly favoured! And 2 Text| table I shall lay for thee, O child, I know not, because 3 Text| child said: Why sayest thou, O Matthew? Understand and 4 Text| altogether delighted me, O child; moreover also, thy 5 Text| shall ask thee one thing, O child: that impious Herod, 6 Text| am father. Now therefore, O Matthew, take this rod of 7 Text| with thee. Do not go then, O Matthew, to plant the rod 8 Text| the king, and said to him: O king, why art thou thus 9 Text| the king: We pray thee, O king, we went and found 10 Text| said to him: Thou seest, O king, this stranger has 11 Text| hear accurately about him, O king, I will tell thee all 12 Text| that live alone. Behold, O king, I have told thee all 13 Text| the church. And I know, O king, that thou also after 14 Text| as he fled he cried out: O secret name, armed against 15 Text| all my limbs paralyzed? O Asmodaeus Beelzebul Satan! 16 Text| him. Then Matthew says: O crafty tyrant, how long 17 Text| to the king: We indeed, O king, by every contrivance 18 Text| Marmari Marmunth; that is, O God the Father, O Lord Jesus 19 Text| that is, O God the Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, deliver 20 Text| thee, whoever thou art, O mail, whether magician or 21 Text| rose there was a voice: O bishop Plato, carry the

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