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it 33
its 7
jar 1
jesus 21
jews 1
joy 1
judge 1
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24 but
24 on
21 christ
21 jesus
21 not
21 o
20 apostle

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| without sandals; and, behold, Jesus came to Matthew in the likeness 2 Text| winds, am glorifying my Jesus. Now, therefore, what shall 3 Text| wishing to slay the child Jesus, the ancient of the ages; 4 Text| for we see also the child Jesus, the Son of God, who is 5 Text| the church, and the child Jesus was also with him. And Matthew, 6 Text| false gods, but now through Jesus Christ acknowledging the 7 Text| you see in my hand, which Jesus, in whom you have believed 8 Text| upon the name of the Lord Jesus, he fixed his rod in the 9 Text| on Matthew, Matthew saw Jesus saying to him: I am with 10 Text| you, children, to know, Jesus having declared it to me, 11 Text| us give ourselves up to Jesus, and He will deliver us 12 Text| been called an apostle by Jesus, who was crucified by the 13 Text| blessed Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ, having come in the 14 Text| good God; for assuredly the Jesus proclaimed by the three 15 Text| eyes, and saying Ephphatha, Jesus, he made him receive his 16 Text| O God the Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, deliver me, and 17 Text| to thee, Matthew? Can thy Jesus now give thee any help?~ 18 Text| communicate with me, as the Lord Jesus showed us how to offer up 19 Text| in the true God, Christ Jesus. I entreat, give me the 20 Text| and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be with you 21 Text| month of November, our Lord Jesus Christ reigning, to whom

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