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cheerfulness 1
child 11
children 1
christ 21
christians 4
church 18
circle 2
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25 thy
24 but
24 on
21 christ
21 jesus
21 not
21 o

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| apostle and evangelist of Christ, was abiding in the mountain 2 Text| gods, but now through Jesus Christ acknowledging the one and 3 Text| towards men; once strangers to Christ, but now confessing Him 4 Text| now transformed through Christ;-behold, the staff which 5 Text| to give them the seal in Christ. And Matthew gave orders 6 Text| in the holy mysteries of Christ; and they exulted and passed 7 Text| thee, Matthew, apostle of Christ! And the blessed Matthew 8 Text| Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ, having come in the likeness 9 Text| that awful and holy name of Christ; for wherever a footstep 10 Text| generation through the name of Christ, proclaimed through him.~ 11 Text| puts it out, calling upon Christ, and invoking his cross; 12 Text| the Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, deliver me, and burn down 13 Text| life-giving mysteries of Christ, they all glorified God.~ 14 Text| believe in the true God, Christ Jesus. I entreat, give me 15 Text| entreat, give me the seal in Christ, and I will give you my 16 Text| communicate to me the Eucharist of Christ. And the bishop having prayed, 17 Text| saying: Let this body of Christ, and this cup, His blood 18 Text| grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be with you to time 19 Text| under my kingdom, greeting. Christ having appeared upon earth, 20 Text| Matthew the apostle of Christ appeared to the bishop Plato, 21 Text| November, our Lord Jesus Christ reigning, to whom be glory

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