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children 1
christ 21
christians 4
church 18
circle 2
city 13
clearly 1
Frequency    [«  »]
20 out
20 palace
19 will
18 church
18 plato
18 when
17 at

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| I the foundation of the Church, I the kingdom of the bishops, 2 Text| plant it by the gate of the church which thou and Andrew founded; 3 Text| went with them into the church, and the child Jesus was 4 Text| come to the gate of the church, stood upon a certain lofty 5 Text| that, having gone into the church, you will clearly recognise 6 Text| having thus gone into the church, they worshipped and glorified 7 Text| and Plato remained in the church spending the night, and 8 Text| thereafter, having one into the church, they communicated in the 9 Text| with them; and all in the church sang the whole night, glorifying 10 Text| and proceeded into the church; and having bent his knees, 11 Text| along with him sing in the church. And now, behold, Matthew 12 Text| him the furnace will be a church; and if thou shalt put him 13 Text| and say, This prison is a church of the living God, and a 14 Text| sing along with him in the church. And I know, O king, that 15 Text| dawn, and went into the church, with only two soldiers 16 Text| him, went forth out of the church, led by the hand by Plato, 17 Text| stood in the gate of the church.~And they say to the king: 18 Text| bishop having run into the church, and taken the Gospel and

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