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purport 1
pursue 1
pursued 1
put 15
puts 1
pyre 1
quiet 1
Frequency    [«  »]
15 have
15 lord
15 now
15 put
15 their
15 there
14 down

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| their body, and they shall put on clothing of the rams 2 Text| each one of the demoniacs, put the demons to flight, and 3 Text| immeasurable greatness of evil, and put on love, which is of like 4 Text| anger, and endeavoured to put him to death by fire. And 5 Text| and his daughter-in-law, put to flight by Matthew, having 6 Text| king, why art thou thus put to the worse by this stranger 7 Text| church; and if thou shalt put him in chains in prison, 8 Text| death. For he resolved to put him to death by fire. And 9 Text| and asphalt and pitch, and put tow and brushwood above. 10 Text| and with his right hand put upon Plato's head, and singing 11 Text| iron coffin to be made, put the body of Matthew into 12 Text| of the palace at midnight put it into a boat, no one knowing 13 Text| of Matthew, and you shall put the coffin upon my golden 14 Text| and anointed him with oil, put him down into the sea, in 15 Text| water he ordered him to put on himself splendid garments,

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