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bewitch 2
bewitched 1
bid 1
bishop 15
bishopric 1
bishops 1
bitter 1
Frequency    [«  »]
16 my
16 son
15 been
15 bishop
15 go
15 have
15 lord

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| made manifest, Plato the bishop, having heard of the presence 2 Text| having gone along with the bishop Plato, stood in the place 3 Text| prayed earnestly. Then the bishop having come, and the clergy, 4 Text| had ended the prayer, the bishop Plato said: Peace to thee, 5 Text| the apostle said to the bishop Plato, and to all the clergy: 6 Text| Apostle Matthew and the bishop Plato are. And when they 7 Text| rose there was a voice: O bishop Plato, carry the Gospel 8 Text| on the third day.~And the bishop having run into the church, 9 Text| out the Alleluia. And the bishop read the Gospel, and all 10 Text| towards the east, where the bishop had offered the offering 11 Text| and fell down before the bishop, and the presbyters, and 12 Text| Eucharist of Christ. And the bishop having prayed, and ordered 13 Text| bread and mixed cup, the bishop first gave them to the king, 14 Text| of Christ appeared to the bishop Plato, and said to him: 15 Text| And after three years the bishop Plato rested in the Lord.

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