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Alphabetical    [«  »]
say 3
sayest 1
saying 10
says 14
sea 6
seal 3
sealed 3
Frequency    [«  »]
15 their
15 there
14 down
14 says
14 then
13 city
13 great

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| where is he? The child says to him: Since thou hast 2 Text| shall take him. The king says to him: Tell me first wherein 3 Text| compelled by an angel, says to the king: Since thou 4 Text| truth. The king therefore says to the pretended soldier: 5 Text| his associate. The demon says to him: I cannot kill him. 6 Text| proclaimed through him.~The king says to him: And who art thou? 7 Text| And who art thou? And he says: I am the demon who dwelt 8 Text| believe in him. The king says to him: Whoever thou art, 9 Text| to them: Show to Matthew, says he, that I wish to be his 10 Text| Matthew in the gate! And he says: Who he is, or where he 11 Text| in sight of thee. And he says: All the while I see nobody. 12 Text| hold of him. Then Matthew says: O crafty tyrant, how long 13 Text| the executioners: I hear, says he, that the God whom he 14 Text| silver; and place them, says he, in a circle round the

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