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Alphabetical    [«  »]
glory 3
go 15
god 30
gods 12
going 9
gold 5
golden 2
Frequency    [«  »]
13 upon
13 were
13 wife
12 gods
12 holy
12 we
12 which

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| mocked by ten thousand false gods, but now through Jesus Christ 2 Text| the palace, and the twelve gods of gold and silver; and 3 Text| and others, bearing the gods, brought them. And the king 4 Text| should steal one of his gods, or bewitch the fire. And 5 Text| the soldiers to set the gods in a circle round Matthew, 6 Text| me, and burn down their gods which they worship; and 7 Text| poured round about their gods, so that nothing of the 8 Text| said: Woe's me, that my gods are destroyed by the rebuke 9 Text| of silver. Better are the gods of stone and of earthenware, 10 Text| utterly destroyed their gods, and burnt up many soldiers, 11 Text| human race, the so-called gods nave been found to be deceivers, 12 Text| there should not be many gods, but one, and one only,

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