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Alphabetical    [«  »]
kissed 1
knees 1
knew 1
know 10
knowest 1
knowing 3
knowledge 1
Frequency    [«  »]
10 even
10 forth
10 if
10 know
10 like
10 no
10 only

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

IntraText - Concordances


1 Text| lay for thee, O child, I know not, because I have no bread 2 Text| Matthew? Understand and know that good discourse is better 3 Text| Understand, Matthew, and know that I am paradise, that 4 Text| were killed in Bethlehem, I know right well; but how thou 5 Text| I wish you, children, to know, Jesus having declared it 6 Text| strength is, that I may know, and then I will draw up 7 Text| soldier: Since I do not know Matthew, come with me, and 8 Text| him in the church. And I know, O king, that thou also 9 Text| regard to my servant Matthew, know I have disclosed to him 10 Text| banishing of the demons, I shall know the truth for myself by

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