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Alphabetical    [«  »]
raise 2
raised 1
rams 1
ran 6
read 2
really 1
rebuke 1
Frequency    [«  »]
6 laid
6 own
6 peace
6 ran
6 sea
6 see
6 sing

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| and when the whole city ran together, especially the 2 Text| they were naked; and they ran in haste each to his own 3 Text| the city of Myrna. And all ran together, and ate of the 4 Text| holding a torch of fire, ran to meet them, burning out 5 Text| as far as the palace, and ran hither and thither round 6 Text| forth from the palace, and ran and worshipped towards the

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